MSI Degree Requirements

For the MSI degree students should have

  • Experience in teaching, for example by being Teaching Assistant in undergraduate laboratory for at least one semester (but not more than two).
  • Thirty credits (minimum) of graduate courses (500 level or above).
  • Demonstrated proficiency in physics at the level of our present undergraduate courses PHY 335 (Junior Electronics Laboratory I), PHY 405 (Advanced Quantum Physics), and two of the three areas of Nuclear and Particle Physics (PHY 431), Atomic Physics and Lasers (PHY 452), and Solid State Physics (PHY 472). This can be done:
    1. by acceptance by the MSI Committee of courses taken by the student as an undergraduate,
    2. by specially arranged written examination, or
    3. by passing the courses appropriate to a student's background.
Other Components of the Program:

Students shall acquire those technical skills deemed necessary by their thesis supervisors. These must include, but are not limited to machining capability and computer literacy. In addition, there are many courses offered by other departments in instrumentation, materials science, etc. that might be suitable electives. Those in the business track will take appropriate electives. Permission may be granted to reduce the number of thesis credits or to take some of them during the summer in order to allow for these electives. Tracks within the MSI program offer an opportunity to take courses in a specific area of interest, for example, Business, Accelerator Physics, or Synchrotron Radiation. Business track students replace the minor project with 9 credits of business courses.

Sample Program total = 44 credits

(Semester 1)
PHY 514 Current Research Instruments (3 credits)
PHY 515 Methods of Experimental Research (3 credits)
PHY 599 or PHY 598 Graduate Seminar I (1 credit)
Electives, make-up, minor project, or business electives, depending on track choice (6 credits)

(Semester 2)
PHY 516 Methods of Experimental Research (3 credits)
PHY 598 or PHY 599 Graduate Seminar II (1 credit)
PHY 585 Minor project (3-6 credits), or business electives (6 credits), depending on track choice
Electives (3-6 credits)

Sample Second Year: Both Semesters PHY 595 Thesis Research (9 credits each semester)