Present Location
Thesis Title
Daniel Flickinger 2005 Janelia Farm Research Campus Design and Construction for Ultrafast Ultraviolet-Blue Pump-Probe Exposure of Biological Samples
Tan Ahn 2004 PhD - Stony Brook Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy David Fossan/ Norbert Pietrella
Babak (Bob) Azmoun 2004 BNL A Hadron Blind Detector for PHENIX/Heavy Ion Physics Thomas Hemmick
Susan Metz 2004 Photon Research Continuous Phase Control of a Mach-Zehnder Interferometer and Second Harmonic Generation with a Periodically Poled KTP Crystal Luis Orozco
Sanjee Abeytunge 2004 Sloann Kettering Prototype Design of the front End Module for the Silicon Pixel Vertex Tracker in the PHENIX Experiment Axel Drees
Masaki Tsukuda 2004 Microthermal Sensors and Their Expected Performance Kenneth Lanzetta