Name Year Advisor Thesis Employment
Sravan Mungavallasa 2018
Luke Chaplinsky 2018
Xiangdong Li 2018
Pietro Iapozutto 2017 Navid Vafaei-Najafabadi
Flament Mael 2016 Eden Figueroa Stony Brook PhD prgram
Christopher Ianzano 2016 Eden Figueroa Towards Dual Cavity Resonance in a Rubidium Ensemble PhD program MPI Garching
Thomas Ciavatti 2015 Mengkun Liu
Raphael Cervantes 2013 Abhay Deshpande
Xinlong Li 2013 Thomas Allison
He Zhang 2012 Sergey Harold Metcalf
Carlos Marques 2014 Sergey Belomestnykh
Thomas Videbaek 2013 Abhay Deshpande
Stephanie Zajac 2013 Tom Hemmick
Elizabeth Gangone 2012 T. Rao
Elliott Johnson 2011 Ilan Ben-Zvi
Reid Smith 2010 Abhay Deshpande
Greg Wille 2010 Tom Hemmick
Manuel Proisl 2009 Axel Drees HBD HV Control and Monitoring System for the PHENOX Experiment at the Relativistc Heavy Ion Collider
Steve Kaneti 2010 Abhay Deshpande
Nathan Means 2010 Abhay Deshpande
Estaban Monge 2009 Patel Instrumentation and Process Development for Resistive Memory Devices
David Sproles 2008 Dominik Schneble
Bill Anderson 2007 Tom Hemmick The Construction and Commissioning of a Hadron Blind Detector for PHENIX @ RHIC
Jacob Grimes 2007 Ilan Ben-Zvi A Prototype Diamond Amplified Photocathode
Richard Brown 2006 Tom Weinacht
Daniel Flickinger 2005 Tom Weinacht Design and Construction of System for Ultrafast Ultraviolet-blue Pump-probe Exposure of Biological Samples
Sanjeewa Abeytunge 2004 Axel Drees Prototype of the Front End Module for the Silicon Pixel Vertex Tracker in the PHENIX Experiment
Bob Azmoun 2004 Tom Hemmick A Hadron Blind Detector for PHENIX/Heavy Ion Physics
Suzan Metz 2004 Luis Orozco Continuous Phase Control of a Mach-Zehnder Interferometer and Second Harmonic Generation with a Periodically Poled KTP Crystal
Masaki Tsukuda 2004 Ken Lanzetta Microthemal Sensors and Their Expected Performance
Athans Hatzikoutelis 2003 T55
Lee Hammons 2003 T55 PhD Program Stony Brook
Susan Yeung 2002 Michael Rijssenbeek Silicon Detectors of the pp2pp Experiment at RHIC
Mary Stone 2001 Harold Metcalf Stabilized External-Cavity Diode Lasers
Chandraika Sugrim 2001 Tom Hemmick Electronics for the Canary Chamber
Mary Carlucci-Dayton 2000 Chris Jacobsen Stabilized External-Cavity Diode Lasers
Saad Sarwana 1999 Konstantin Likharev
Jennifer Thomas 1999 Tom Hemmick The Cooling and Magnetic Shielding of the PHENIX Drift Chamber Electronics
Fang Yang 1998 Dean Schamberger Timing and Control in DO Calorimeter
Kunegunda Belle 1998 Ken Lanzetta
Carlos Avila 1998 Tom Hemmick Narrowing and Frequency Stabilization of a DBR-Diode Laser
Raphael Hazel 1997 Tom Hemmick Test and Development of a Prototype Drift Chamber
Jeffrey Ng 1996 Luis Orozco Cold Atom Source for Experiments in Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics
Carlos Avila 1998 Harold Metcalf Narrowing and Frequency Stabilization of a DBR-Diode Laser
Nancy Adams 1995 Fred Walter Rotation Periods of Low Mass Stars in the Upper Scorpius OB Association
Richard Bersch 1995 Peter Paul Design, Implementation, and Results From a Positive Sensitive Multiwire Proportional Counter with Pad Readout
David Fisk 1995 Sutherland A Laser Scanner for Electrophoretic Gels
Charles Jordan 1995 James Lukens Installation, Modification, and Characterization of Plasma Sputtering Systems for the Growth of SiO2 Thin Films and Nb/AIOx/Nb Thin Film Trilayers
James Milne 1995 Johnson Low-Pressure Primary Election Counting for the Detection of Soft X-Rays
Rob Pisani 1995 Tom Hemmick Design, Construction & Performance Results from a Hadron Blind Detector
David Rennie 1995 Tom Hemmick A Novel Electrostatic Evaporation Residue Separator