Graduate Student Orientation, Fall 2003

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Read this memo before coming to Stony Brook.

Do not forget to register for the CELT training here, and sign up for Tom Hemmick's seminar "Making your Lecture Memorable".

Aug 18, MonJavits/SACOrientation for international students (Graduate School)
Aug 19, TueWong CenterOrientation for international students (Graduate School)
Aug 20, WedSAC
Morning: Orientation for international students (Graduate School)
2:00pm Laszlo Mihaly: Welcome
2:10 Axel Drees: Qualifying exam
2:40 Individual appointments with members of the Graduate Committee.
Form study groups for the qualifying exam.
Aug 21, ThuSAC9:00 - 6:00 Mandatory orientation for ALL new students
Aug 22, FriS2408:30 - 9:00 Breakfast
9:00 Laszlo Mihaly: How does this Department work?
9:40 Peter Johnson (BNL): ARPES
10:10 Fred Walter: SMARTS telescope and observational astronomy
10:40 George Sterman: YITP
11:10 Hal Metcalf: TBA
11:40 Warren Siegel: String theory
12:10 Lunch Break
1:10 Paul Grannis (Dept. Chair): Academic honesty
2:00 Phil Allen: Electrical polarity
2:30 Peter Kahn: Research areas - Having an open mind?
3:00 Chi-Chang Kao (BNL): High pressure materials properties
4:00 Keg
Aug 23, SatEnjoy the weekend
Aug 24, SunEnjoy the weekend
Aug 25, MonS2408:30 - 9:00 Breakfast
9:00 Peter Stephens: Sex
10:00 Jac Verbaarschot: Random Matrix Theory
10:30 Bob McCarthy: How are labs done?
11:20 Break, walk up to A-129
11:30 Joe Feliciano and Frank Chin: Practical advice about the labs
12:00 Matt Eardley: Advice from a former TA
12:30 Lunch Break, back to S-240
1:00 Jim Lattimer: Supernovae and neutron stars
1:30 Kostya Likharev: TBA
2:00 Tom Weinacht: Molecular coherence
2:30 Michal Simon: Astronomy
3:00 Meet the teachers of some graduate courses (Abanov, Koch, Lattimer, Likharev, Peggs, Verbaarschot, Weinacht, Zahed)
Aug 26, TueSACCELT TA training
Aug 27, WedLabs
9:00 Do measurements for lab presentation
Prepare for qual exam in study groups
6:00pm Dinner for grad students
Aug 28, ThuSACCELT TA training
Aug 29, Fri 
CELT training
11:00 Meet with profs, sort out scheduling conflicts (snacks served)
12:00 - 3:00 Lab presentations
Aug 30, SatEnjoy the Weekend
Aug 31, SunEnjoy the Weekend
Sep 1, MonLabor day. Offices and most shops are closed.
Sep 2, TueS2406:00pm First day of Qualifying Exam
Sep 3, WedClasses start.
6:00pm Second day of Qualifying Exam.
Sep 4, Thu6:00pm Comprehensive Exam

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